Brunch Because Mimosas

Check out the awesome smart casual look that Hoorenbeek created with their Bjorn outfit! Suit pants, double monks (not shown), shirt and a perfectly styled loose tie and the pièce de résistance; a notch lapel blazer, blue with contrast piping. And as always in a two-buttoned suit; fasten the top button when standing, NEVER fasten the second button.

Now on to the drink of the day and day drinking! Mimosas! When I think of mimosas I think of one particular bottomless brunch M. and I had at Bad Egg in London. Sadly, Bad Egg had to close after taking a bad beating from Covid-19. I really hope to see them back again soon. No. 59 is at this round of EQUAL10 with delicious Champagne Mimosa dispenser. You get raspberry and orange juice mimosas and champagne bottles on tray. Champagne bottle decor and champagne glasses decor.

Keep it Sweet

…like lemonade.

Serve the best lemonade this spring and summer with the Spring Juice 2022 from No. 59. The set includes 3 delicious lemonade flavors; each with a tray with a couple of drinks, a wooden box with a couple of bottles, both acts as dispensers, and a glass for you to wear permanently on the avatar. The No. 59 Spring Juice is available right now at Equal10.

The outfit I’m wearing is the Dustin outfit by Hoorenbeek; one of the new releases this spring in their line of cool ready-to-wear outfits. Complete and perfectly color coordinated from top to toe. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  • “KIller’s” Deep Sea Party Bar


History can promote sales but if you buy a famous historical house you should darn well make sure you can afford renovations and upkeep. Al Capone’s Miami beach house was saved last year from demolition by a local campaign to preserve the estate after its owner announced he was going to have it torn down in favour of a modern build.

The stunning Palm Ave pool house from La Petite Vie is on sale at this round of Cosmopolitan. A pool house with provenance but at a reasonable price!

There’s pink champagne on sale over at No. 59 for Wanderlust Weekend and if you haven’t been yet you should definitely check out the goods at this round of Men Only before it ends on May 15th.

  • No. 59 Planberger Pinki 20cl BottleBox

Sander is wearing:

  • EGX. BOM Nelson hairbase (EVO X) @ MEN ONLY (through May 15)


Dress Code: Black Tie

Introducing the Classic Bar by No. 59 which is a new release out now at the Equal10 event. Included in the set: bar, bar stool, hanging light and some decorative bottles. Devices such as espresso machine or beverage dispenser are not included and must be purchased separately. Everything shown in the bar in this picture can be found in the No. 59 store.

There is no fashion trend that can measure up to the classic tuxedo and this is also why a tuxedo is the only option when the dress code is ‘Black Tie’. Now, it doesn’t have to be black but it has to be a tuxedo and for it to really count you have to wear the bow tie. So now you know.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder they say but I am spending time with real beauties tonight. Only one of which is for sale right now at Equal10. The No. 59 F-Class Bar set includes bar stool and bar in colors white, green and black/red and there’s also a fatpack of all three. Devices such as beverage dispensers, beer taps and espresso machine are not included and must be purchased separately.


Rhyme Royal

He thinks himself to be the greatest,
Listening to none, taking no advice.
The following destruction caused by a sadist
Spreading fear and sorrow not thinking twice,
Father, mother, brother and sister a sacrifice.
Deliverance come, make the old tyrant bellow,
As you pound his old-man derrière blue and yellow.

Sander S.


  • No59 Planberger Beer Crate set
    • Planberger PilePale Beer Crate
    • Planerberger Royal x5
  • EGX. Scott pack @ MENSELECTED (through March 26) (THANK YOU FOR THE GIVEAWAY PRIZE!)
    • EGX. BOM Scott hairbase (EVO X)
    • EGX. BOM Scott head tattoo (EVO X)
    • EGX. HD Scott eyebrows (Lelutka Evo)

Previously blogged for Men Only (running through March 15th):

  • TAOX TATTOO UNISEX – Sleeves Roses Of The Times
  • MESHMAFIA – Money Rose Chest Tattoo
  • NEXUS Body Hair
  • Veilance: Kyrie Air Sneakers
  • LeLUTKA Jon Head
  • [LEGACY] Meshbody (m)

Old School

I’m working my way towards a break from home & garden blogging with this and one more post containing furniture and decor. There will be a change in my blogging going forward as I’ll be focusing mostly on avatar related creations like fashion and accessories. It takes a lot of time for me to set up a decor scene and then blogging it and right now I don’t have that amount of time available. So after my next post there will be no more pure h&g posts on here until time hopefully again allows me to do them again.


  • [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Dwayne
  • [ kunst ] – Sailor pipe


  • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Gramophone 6 Piece Set
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Vintage Gramophone
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Gramophone Cabinet
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Stack of Classic Records
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Classique A Lancienne Watercolor
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Vin Rouge Watercolor
    • Muniick – Roebling Lounge Aged Chandelier (not shown)
  • Muniick Roebling Leather Club Armchair w/Blanket
  • NTD – Valpennac Curtains
  • NTD – Applique Flore
  • ..::THOR::.. Smokin’ Mountains Pipe Holder
  • [ kunst ] – Ashtray
  • Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1
  • Hisa Van Der Linde Estate


Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.

Lao Tzu
  • No59 H2O Splash Crate

  • -Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
  • LeLUTKA Jon Head
  • LeLUTKA Hairbase and Facial Hair EvoX
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker