Norðvegr – Heim

From Old Norse Norvegr (“north way”), Norðvegr, from norðr (“north”) + vegr (“way”), contrasted with suðrvegr (“south way”), i.e. Germany, and austrvegr (“east way”), the Baltic lands.

Heim is the German, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese equivalent of the English word home. It is a common German and Norwegian suffix in place names such as Mannheim and Trondheim.

Gratulerer med dagen!

It’s May 17th and today is Norway’s Constitution Day, a national holiday, and we celebrate it big time. The day is of such importance, its celebration is not limited to Norway only. You can find a May 17th Festival in Seattle, Washington and a parade in Brooklyn, New York, for instance and in several Australian cities! The celebration is non-military; it’s all about the people, children, togetherness, peace and freedom. We do parades, good food as well as eating as much cake, ice cream and hot dogs as we possibly can and you can see lots and lots of traditional costumes.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [NC] – Conquer Pants Black – Belleza
    • [The Forge] Viking Bracer Left and Right, (WornBronze/Gold) Rare
    • JadeDragon Designs Thor Hammer Necklace
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L and R
    • MINIMAL – Ornament Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L
    • MIRROR – Ragnar Hair -UnRigged-
    • [MF] Daniel Bento Viking Stache & Beard – Night
    • .: Vegas :. Tattoo Halls of Valhalla 91
    • f u o e y . Lucas Eyebrows
    • [V] Norseman Axe- Sheath
    • *pm* Wildflower Garlands: Snow & Creme
    • ASO! Mimosa 6
    • Kokoro Poses – Flower Holding 01
  • Scene:
    • Skye Tropical Beach
    • ~Skadi~ Viking Boat
    • H&S MetalWorks ltd. Viking sword III
    • [V] Norseman Shield
  • Pose by me