Sander’s 2K Photo Contest

Just a gentle reminder (yes and I wanted to do a movie poster too), that the 2K Photo Contest ‘STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN’ has reached its half way point! We have a lot of amazing entries in the group; movie posters, scenes and character interpretations. There’s definitely room for more! Come join the fun! Also, there’s $L20.000 in gift cards and prizes!

View the entries in the Sander’s 2K Photo Contest Flickr group.

Sander’s 2K Photo Contest

★ Stars of the Silver Screen ★

I’m celebrating reaching 2K Flickr followers by hosting another photo contest! The 1K contest theme was ‘Simple Pleasures’ and was well received in the SL Flickr community. I had so much fun hosting it so I’m excited to do this again! This time the theme is ‘Stars of the Silver Screen’.

Mahogany reached 2K followers just before I did and for that achievement she gets to sing at the winners reveal party and admin my contest group… I’m joking of course. She’s amazing and more than willing to help me host this contest. Thank you, love ♥

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