The dining room functions as the unpacking central.

This is a familiar sight for most of us right? My stuff arrived today. Luckily I don’t own a whole lot of stuff. I’ve moved around a few times and I don’t get attached to things. And I don’t like clutter. This house is big though, it’s a lot bigger than the cottage and I can’t possibly fill it with the stuff I have now, but I have plans for every room. In addition to the must have kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, I’m also going to furnish a dining room, an office/library, a multimedia room and a wine cellar.


Spacious living room with a beautiful fireplace.

I have to go out and shop some furniture now. It will take some time because I have particular taste and I appreciate quality. So not only do they have to look good, they need to function and stand a few years of wear and tear and also, they shouldn’t go out of style after a year. The only rooms that are ready to use is the kitchen and the bathrooms, so I need to furnish my bedroom first along with the living room and then I can do all the other rooms when time and finances allow.

  • Wearing: Colson Henley Shirt and Dean Chinos by Cold Ash. Tahua 1.00 glasses by k_gs. Elegance Series 2 Watch by RealEvil.
  • Hair: Like Lust by Stealthic.
  • House: Villa Di Campagna by The Domineaux Effect.

A New Beginning


I couldn’t stay at the cottage, surrounded by all the memories of her. I need to let go and start over somewhere else so I searched for a property I liked and I found it at Sardar Passage.

Watching the sunset from the steps of my new place, I remind myself that the sun will rise again tomorrow and the next day, and the next. In life, every end is a new beginning.

  • Land: KQ Residential
  • Clothes: Wade Leather Jacket and Dean Chinos by Cold Ash.
  • Suitcase: Mesh Travel Suitcase by Meli Imako.