Cabin Life

ERAUQS is participating in this round of ACCESS with the cool and casual Theo Shirt and Tank. Tank is available in 5 different colors, 10 different shirt textures. HUD controlled texture change for Fatpack. The Theo Tank and Shirt are compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Signature Gianni male mesh bodies.

No. 59 made an F-Class Coffee Machine and it’s simply amazing. The machine makes your coffee with sound and represents it optically. It also has a “GIVE TO” option, so it’s possible to send a cup of coffee to other people. Use Experience or Temp Attach. The No. 59 F-Class Coffee Machine is available right now at EQUAL10.

The La Petite Vie Micro-Chalet La Passerelle is now available at the La Petite Vie mainstore.

Sander is wearing:

  • [ ERAUQS ] – Theo Shirt @ ACCESS (through March 8)
  • [ ERAUQS ] – Theo Tank @ ACCESS (through March 8)
  • i.mesh – ROMOLO Hair
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • [WAZ] Operator Jeans
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Silver-
  • No59 American Coffee from the F-Class Coffee Machine

The Scene:

Other items used:

  • ..::THOR::.. Mediterranean Accents Gacha Set
  • ..::THOR::.. Adventures Frames

God bless Dora!

Mitch’s Garage – Home and Garden Design 2019

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.


I wanted to take a peek inside Mitch’s garage, so just for fun I finally went ahead and decorated it. His inventory consists of a lot of gacha items from Sau Motorcycles and THOR and some bits and pieces from elsewhere. List of credits below!

Creator Credits:

  • Sau Motorcycles items:
    • [sau]Raider[1.1]
    • [sau]Thunder[lite][carbon]
    • [sau]British sofa[1.0]
    • [sau]Bar table
    • [sau]Bar stool
    • [sau]carpet[skull]
    • [sau]Mechanic’s workbench
    • [sau]Toolchest[sp]
    • [sau]Motorcycle Lift[1.1]
    • [sau]Mechanic seat
    • [sau]Transmission jack
    • [sau]Engine hoist
    • [sau]Oil Drain
    • [sau]MIG welder
    • [sau]Crane
    • [sau]Battery charger
    • [sau]extinguisher
    • [sau]Axle stand
    • [sau]Biker stool[3]
    • [sau]skateboard[Supermen2]
    • [sau]Trash Container
    • [sau]pickup truck
  • THOR items:
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Frame Sketches
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Frames B&W
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Vintage Fridge
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Trash Can
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Cafe Racers Stool RARE
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Motorbike Frame Red and Black
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Piston Lamp
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Moto Clutch
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Projects
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Spray Cans
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Peggy S. Beer
    • ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool – Ceiling Lamp Fan
  • MadPea items:
    • MadPea MGMR – Neon Sign
    • MadPea MGMR – Repair Sign
    • MadPea MGMR – Motor Oil Sign 1 and 3
  • Serenity Style– Military 4×4 Black
  • 220ML – Amstrong Beer – Open Bottle
  • 220ML – Amstrong Beer – Empty Mug
  • [ kunst ] – Brandy glass #2
  • .TeaBunny. Lounge Cigar Ashtray – With Cigar
  • Stockholm&Lima: Bicycle Wheels
  • [Schultz Bros.] Alleyway + Garage Skybox