Remember How It Feels

Cinoe is participating in this round of Kustom9 with the Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray Strukturo collection; Chair, Table, Food, Coffee Cups, Cassette Tape Player and Cassette Tapes.

Tia Rungray just released their new album, Strukturo, and at Kustom 9 you’re able to purchase the cinoe feat. Tia Rungray Cassette Tape Player which contains the whole album. You’re not only getting the album to listen to in its entirety but also a multi-channel sound version of the lead track “Strukturo”. It is a size-adjusted version of a sound object from an installation that has been on show at Spiralo since February 2021, and can be enjoyed in smaller spaces such as your home or garden. I tried it it’s amazing!

WERX is going to be at the upcoming Jail Event with the Abstract Sweater and Clyde Herringbone Pants. A smart casual spring look!

Sander is wearing:

  • WERX Spring Abstract Sweater @ Jail Event (March 10th – March 30th)
  • WERX Clyde Herringbone @ Jail Event (March 10th – March 30th)
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Cassette tape player (M) yellow @ KUSTOM9 (through March 10)
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Wood Headphone
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Strukturo Collection @ KUSTOM9 (through March 10)
  • Cinoe Pendant lamp – Warm bell
  • Cinoe House on the clouds – Skybox