The snow will keep falling and I’ll have to keep shoveling throughout the weekend. The puppies still need their walkies. Blog posts are still going to be published. Not that it makes that much of a difference to me but I’m still happy it’s Friday. I’m just going to keep enjoying Fridays so I know how to do it when this period of not working ends. Now off to our evergreen sim and not worry about shoveling snow until after dinner. Happy weekend everyone!

  • [ ERAUQS ] – Cole Henley Shirt @ Men Only Monthly (through May 15)
  • BONDI . The Mighty Sunglasses
  • WERX: Adulting Juice – No Pain: Champagne
  • Exile:: Caleb Hair
  • not so bad . DORIAN denim pants
  • not so bad . CYRUS sneakers


  • i.mesh – REMO Hair
  • Unorthodox Vito beard base and facial hair
  • Pose by Ana Poses
  • Backdrop: White Tunnel – Damn Night – The Bearded Guy

Summer Afternoon

  • Pose by M E R C H

Remember How It Feels

Cinoe is participating in this round of Kustom9 with the Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray Strukturo collection; Chair, Table, Food, Coffee Cups, Cassette Tape Player and Cassette Tapes.

Tia Rungray just released their new album, Strukturo, and at Kustom 9 you’re able to purchase the cinoe feat. Tia Rungray Cassette Tape Player which contains the whole album. You’re not only getting the album to listen to in its entirety but also a multi-channel sound version of the lead track “Strukturo”. It is a size-adjusted version of a sound object from an installation that has been on show at Spiralo since February 2021, and can be enjoyed in smaller spaces such as your home or garden. I tried it it’s amazing!

WERX is going to be at the upcoming Jail Event with the Abstract Sweater and Clyde Herringbone Pants. A smart casual spring look!

Sander is wearing:

  • WERX Spring Abstract Sweater @ Jail Event (March 10th – March 30th)
  • WERX Clyde Herringbone @ Jail Event (March 10th – March 30th)
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Cassette tape player (M) yellow @ KUSTOM9 (through March 10)
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Wood Headphone
  • Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray – Strukturo Collection @ KUSTOM9 (through March 10)
  • Cinoe Pendant lamp – Warm bell
  • Cinoe House on the clouds – Skybox

Rest Is Not Idleness

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest.

Albert Einstein

The scene:

  • BONDI . Desktop Soda Mini Vendor Machine . Classic @ Cosmopolitan (last day!)
  • B-Made Mademann Tractor @ Cosmopolitan (February 8 through February 21)
  • [we’re CLOSED] rustic deck 1 – dark

Sander is wearing:

Your Cup Of Tea, Miss?

Love hurts and sometimes it needs a safe word!

Short Leash – Love Hurts Hunt

The Love Hurts Hunt is a sim-wide *adult* kinky Valentine’s Day/Anti-Vday hunt at A Town Called Short Leash and WERX has hidden 5 hearts for you to find around the sim. There are lots of other goodies from other stores too! M. and I went hunting yesterday to find more props for my picture and even though we didn’t find all the hearts it was so much fun to go exploring together! Scroll below the credits for the WERX hunt key and on this page you can find some helpful hints. Go play and have fun!

Sander is wearing:

The scene:

  • SAYO Sin – One Night Only – Bedroom
  • .:Short Leash:. Love Hurts Bondage Rack // Red Version
  • .:Short Leash:. Love Hurts Kinky Toy Carousel // Red Version
  • Magnetic – Love Hurts Pet Love Shadow Box (Red)

Safe At Home

You’re not stuck at home.
You’re safe at home.

I’m super excited to welcome crate to my blog, so let’s kick off this relationship with the fun and a little different Vaporwave Collection just because it looks so cool! Television features ground sits (6 female, 6 male and 8 cuddles) and changing GIF monitor. Toy Gramophone has a spinning record. Available in 3 colors and discounted full set and mega set right now at Equal10.

Cinoe is at ACCESS this round with the Stay Home Theater – A Couch Companion filled with snacks and sodas; upon touch it dispenses Bento animated snacks and drinks. There is also a single bowl of popcorn and soda for when you’re less hungry.

The Couple Ottoman set consisting of a ottoman on wheels that is big enough for two and shelf with decor (unlinked) was recently released for Cosmopolitan but is now available at the GOOSE mainstore. The ottoman features 6 single animations, 8 couple cuddles and 8 couple adult animations and 4 different textures for pillows and blanket.

The Kawaii Flower Seat from Refuge contains 5 single animations and is available in 5 different colors. This item is currently unavailable for purchase due to Refuge moving.

  • crate Vaporwave Collection @ Equal10 (through February 5)
    • crate Vaporwave Television – Lime
    • crate Vaporwave Toy Gramophone – Lime
  • [Cinoe] Stay home theater @ ACCESS (through February 8)
    • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Couch companion
    • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Cola bottle
    • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Popcorn
  • GOOSE – Couple Ottoman set
    • GOOSE – Couple Ottoman
    • GOOSE – Shelf
  • Refuge – Kawaii Flower Seat Blue
  • Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Yellow
  • LB_FIddleLeafFig{Mesh}*Potted

Sander is wearing:

Get Wiser

Only a fool trips on what is behind him.

You choose how other people perceive you. You do that all by yourself. Do you want people to think you’re an asshole? No? Then stop acting like one. You’re welcome 😉

If you think you deserve a stat boost then the Stat Tanks from Temper by Tantrum are for you! They are available right now at the Jail Event. Stats available: Charisma, Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and Intelligence. There’s also a plain version for days when you don’t need the stat boost. Each tank comes with a coloring HUD with 6 different colors. The Stat Tank is compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me) and Signature Gianni mesh bodies.

With the Kixx Denims from WERX you can choose between plain denims and golden flecked versions in the same HUD and you can wear them tied or untied. The Kixx Denims are available for both guys and gals, for the guys the Kixx are compatible with Belleza, Signature, Slink, Aesthetic, Narcodix, Legacy and Exmachina feet.

BONDI will be at this upcoming round of ACCESS starting January 12th, with The Idol Glasses. The glasses are unisex, unrigged, you find the resize menu upon Touch and several texture options in a HUD. Bonus textures in fatpack!

Previously blogged / other items used:

  • Temper Tantrum -Rivet and Leather Wristband-
  • TAOX TATTOO – UNISEX – Sleeves Never Fail – Black
  • [MAGNIFICENT] STUBBLE MID – Beard Grooming Series
  • i.mesh – S.P.Q.R. facial HB
  • i.mesh – REMO hair
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Rings Silver
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker