Chill – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

I just want to know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Musiq – Just Friends
[FKD] CARL – ZODIAC Shirt (Capricorn), [FKD] RICKY Jeans.

The Carl Zodiac T-Shirt is a FKD Mainstore new release. It’s a loose fitted tee which comes in 10 different colours and each with 12 emblems, signs of the Zodiac, to choose from. I’m a Capricorn by the way, the most chill and down-to-earth sign in the Zodiac! You can find a full list of credits at the bottom of this page.

In the kitchen cupboard, there may be only one plate, one bowl, and one cup – because it seemed impractical to buy more “for no reason.” – Capricorn Man
CARL – ZODIAC HUD. As always when there are more texture options, there are more pages. Click the arrows to swap between pages.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [FKD] CARL – ZODIAC **NEW** @ Mainstore
    • [FKD] – RICKY @ Mainstore
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Gold- R and L
    • Modulus – Joe Hair
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair and Beard
  • Scene:
    • Contrast – White Gentleman Chair
    • Contrast – Gentleman Table
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Bottle
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Glass
    • Apple Fall ‘Soul’ Lighted Sign
  • Pose is one of the male sits found in the chair.

The Ram – Home and Garden Design 2019

Aries (♈) /ˈɛəriːz/ (meaning “ram”) is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude (0°≤ λ <30°). Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year. This time duration is exactly the first month of the Solar Hijri calendar (Hamal/Farvardin/Wray). The symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece.


So now we know 🙂

Creator Credits:

Night Owl – Home and Garden Design 2019

Cold colours, warm room.

So many blog posts lately, with covering both Zodiac and the Expo events in addition to keeping up with new releases from my designer sponsors. It’s a fun ride that’s for sure, but I’m looking forward to a bit of rest next week!

Ok so, the Tuesdays lanterns are simply amazing. I want them in real life! I want this room in real life, but let’s focus on a couple of items. The lanterns come in a variety of shapes and types; there’s one with a candle, two types with lights on them and two types just for decor. Touch them to change texture and turn off or on the lights. Bedroom, living room, bathroom… outdoors even, they will create a wonderful atmosphere wherever you put them!

The side table and ram head decor from Mudhoney is also a versatile piece; rough and elegant at the same time. Choose the texture that fits your room and it’ll look awesome! You can find both the lantern set and the Aries accessories at the Zodiac event until April 10!

Creator Credits:

  • Tuesdays Lantern Set @ Zodiac
  • MudHoney Aries End Table @ Zodiac
  • MudHoney Aries Ram Head @ Zodiac
  • MudHoney Rosalee Table
  • CONTRAST – Relaxed Nights Bed Light
  • West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
  • West Village Ginkgo Branches
  • West Village Billy Ball Stems
  • West Village Pancake Breakfast Board
  • uK – Black Art-Come As You Are
  • CONTRAST – Auckland Skybox
  • Panorama RealView 3.1

Movement – Home and Garden Design 2019

When you move
I’m put to mind of all that I wanna be
When you move
I could never define all that you are to me

Hozier – Movement
Ardent Poses – Fire on Fire

Creator Credits:

  • Ardent Poses – Fire on Fire @ Zodiac
  • Loft & Aria – Roxy Floor Lamp @ Zodiac
  • Loft & Aria – Roxy Chaise Lounge @ Zodiac
  • Loft & Aria – Aries @ Zodiac
  • Exposeur – Industrial Loft Backdrop @ Zodiac
  • Jamais Vu – Fort la Latte Panorama by Jarrod Beck in Metal Frame @ Home & Garden Expo
  • Theory – Turntable Console & Speakers
  • West Village Magnolia Arrangement by Apple Fall
  • Picture of couple dancing owned by Mahogany
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [Deadwool] Hart Suit (flannel)
    • [Deadwool] Oxford Shoes
    • Volkstone Gentleman Hairbase, Brows and Facial Hair
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • Zephyr – Nolla Dress – Strip
    • KC – Sara Heels
    • Hair:I0116 by Tram
    • Rhude – Aries Necklace @ Zodiac

What’s Your Sign? – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

Aries Bomber Jacket by THIRST

I’m a Capricorn with moon in Aries (don’t ask how I know that), so yeah.. for those who knows what that means; I’ll be grateful for any condolences and words of consolation in the comment section below. I’m joking. A little. So the Aries round of Zodiac opened the other day! Lots of good stuff, where the designers have used the sign of Aries as their inspiration. Not an Aries? Don’t worry, you’ll still love these creations like I do!

Aries Bomber Jacket HUD

THIRST has made this awesome bomber jacket and in the HUD you’ll find a multitude of colours to choose from; solids or dual tone, print or no print, ram or no ram!

Creator Credits:

  • THIRST – Aries Bomber Jacket @ Zodiac
  • [Merak] – Aries Constellation without Frame (*) @ Zodiac
  • Legal Insanity – Gary rolled jeans
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • FLI. – Monero Ring Gold
  • Modulus – Wesley Hair
  • Volkstone Dashiell Facial Hair

*Modified (stretched) for photo and added bokeh and blur in Photoshop.

My Avatar:

  • Body: Belleza Jake
  • Head: Catwa Daniel
  • Skin (body): Session – Belleza Male Body Skin – T02
  • Skin (face): Session – Davin – T02
  • Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Aisling Eyes Azure
  • Ears: L’Etre Basic Mesh Ears
  • Eyebrows: Volkstone – Messy Brows
  • Eyelashes: MICHAN – Bradley Lashes

Dream, Wish, Do – Home and Garden Design 2019

A creative workspace. Dog just wants the macarons.

Did you visit the Home & Garden Expo yet? I thought I’d move inside and show you some furniture and decor today, using the repurposed cable reel desk and chair by Elementals as my base item. I decorated it with office clutter decor, also by Elementals, but the desk does have a prop rezzer built into its animations. The Vindustria Chair by Dictatorshop is such an awesome looking piece and they have made a table and a shelf to go with the chair and sofa so now it’s a set! I did not have room to show it in this post, but I’ll make sure to do a post on those later. If you can’t wait for that you can hop on over to the Expo and take a look for yourself! Now… and I’m so stoked about this. The amazing prints on the right? moss&mink did those, for the ZODIAC event! It’s back guys and the line-up for this round, the Aries round, is impressive. Make sure to check it out as it opens today!

Creator Credits:

About Home & Garden Expo

The 12th annual Home & Garden Expo Second Life runs from 15th March to 7th April 2019 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). This year’s Expo spans 10 regions, and showcases home and garden creations from small decor items through furniture and landscaping to small and large houses.