Happy New Year 2023!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope you’re all doing well and ready to make 2023 a great year for yourself and those around you.

I’m starting my new year in Second Life with a new year sale in the MR. Sunborne Store and Marketplace. I’ve told all the fatpack and megapack vendors to give you a 25% discount from today and through January 6th. The discounted price is the one you see when you click Pay on the vendor. Easy peasy. And the marketplace listings are updated with the new price.

On January 5th, the Designer Showcase 12th anniversary round opens and I’m excited to offer you my first ready-to-wear outfit; the Amund Outfit consists of the Tromso Sweater, the Tromsdal Pants and the Ramfjord Boots, all in black. There’s no fuss with matching colors in a HUD just put it on and head out on your date! Also, I’m so very proud to offer the MR. Sunborne Outlaw Hat in weathered leather as the Designer Showcase VIP anniversary group gift. I hope you like it!

I wish you all the very best for this new year. Enjoy life and take care of each other.

Love, Sander

Ramfjord Boots

The Mr. Sunborne Ramfjord Boots are now available in the Mr. Sunborne Store and Marketplace!

The pack offers casual men’s ankle boots, fitted for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Legacy Male mesh bodies. 16 different leather textures, most of them a bit worn, and 5 lace colors for you to choose from via wearable HUD.

The Ramfjord Boots are compatible with the Mr. Sunborne Tromsdal Pants that are available at the Designer Showcase through December 25th.

And I finally managed to get the Geilo Shirt fatpacks out on the Marketplace too, I might be able to add the single shirts this week but we’ll have to see how busy things get now before Christmas. They are however available in the Mr. Sunborne mainstore!

Tromsø Sweater and Tromsdal Pants

The Tromsø Sweater and Tromsdal Pants are my new releases for the December round of Designer Showcase. Sweater and pants which go together but they can of course be worn separately.

The Tromsø Sweater fatpack contains 7 solid and 3 Holiday themed knits. The holiday sweaters are also available in their own holiday pack and the solid colors are available as single purchases. ALL sweaters offer an extensive mix & match HUD for the shirt and tie.

The Tromsdal Pants come in 8 different denim colors. Fatpack and single packs available for purchase.

Both the sweater and the pants are compatible with Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Legacy Male mesh bodies.

After the event ends the products will be made available at the Mr. Sunborne Store and Marketplace.

Geilo Shirt

True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know.

Dana Arcuri

The Mr. Sunborne Geilo Shirt is now available in the Mr. Sunborne mainstore and soon also the Marketplace. It is a lot of work creating all the listings but I’ll get to it now that my latest release is all packaged up and the vendors are in place for the December round of Designer Showcase. More info on that coming very soon!

Anyway, for now you can find both the Denim and the Flannel versions of the Geilo Shirt in the mainstore and more is soon to come!

The Geilo Shirt offers 10 different denim textures and 10 flannels, available to purchase as singles, fatpacks and megapack. The shirt is compatible with Belleza Jake, Legacy Male and Signature Gianni male mesh bodies.

Trying New Things

Learn something new. Try something different. Convince yourself that you have no limits.

Brian Tracy

I’m still having computer issues, issues that affect my picture taking on Second Life and thus, sadly, my blogging. RL is in a place right now where it’s very busy but also I’m not going to be able to buy a new computer or replace parts any time soon. So I’ve been thinking about my future on SL and in both lives really and I’ve decided it’s time for me to start learning how to create in Second Life. My poor computer still works although not 100%, I’m still able to log on SL and run some applications. Creating means I don’t have to work with deadlines while RL is this busy. As some of you may already know, I’ve been drawing facial hair for a few months now and selling them through my barbershop, Rake. I will keep doing this while I teach myself to create and rig clothing.

I’m going to focus on menswear to begin with and my store will be known as “Mr. Sunborne”. I’m going to learn something new. Try something different. I have no limits.

I hope you will join me on this journey and I hope you will enjoy my creations. Since I can’t, at this point in time, take HQ pictures to showcase other designers in my blog and because from now on that can also be interpreted as a conflict of interest, I have decided to stop blogging other brands. I will keep this blog however, to keep a journal of my progress as a designer. I hope you’ll like it.

Aim High

If you ain’t aim too high, then you aim too low.

J. Cole
  • IKON Empyreal Eyes – Dew
  • -[CL]- Andreus Eyebrows
  • RAKE – Stubble -Matt-
  • LeLUTKA Jon Head 3.1
  • -Belleza- Mesh Body Jake V3

Brunch Because Mimosas

Check out the awesome smart casual look that Hoorenbeek created with their Bjorn outfit! Suit pants, double monks (not shown), shirt and a perfectly styled loose tie and the pièce de résistance; a notch lapel blazer, blue with contrast piping. And as always in a two-buttoned suit; fasten the top button when standing, NEVER fasten the second button.

Now on to the drink of the day and day drinking! Mimosas! When I think of mimosas I think of one particular bottomless brunch M. and I had at Bad Egg in London. Sadly, Bad Egg had to close after taking a bad beating from Covid-19. I really hope to see them back again soon. No. 59 is at this round of EQUAL10 with delicious Champagne Mimosa dispenser. You get raspberry and orange juice mimosas and champagne bottles on tray. Champagne bottle decor and champagne glasses decor.

Summer Getaway

Showcasing some wonderful creations by Dutchie today and as many of you I’m sure are aware, Dutchie founder Froukje Hoorenbeek is going to be unable to create this summer while recovering from back surgery (fractured vertebrae). To help pay for her post surgery rehabilitation Froukje has extended her marketplace offerings with several item bundles on sale; make sure to check them out if you’re looking for decor items for your home or sim.

Dutchie’s waterfront cottages are highly detailed traditional little wooden cottages with a unique architectural style and open plan layout, named after a beautiful lake area with marshes, grasslands & reed beds, popular for swimming and water sports. The cottages originally came in 3 colors: Raspberry, Sage, and Cornflower but Dutchie has now made a white version which is on sale at 50% on the Dutchie marketplace over the summer.

I’m only carrying the Dutchie lifebuoy ring (it floats and has sit animations) because that was the best way to also show the Vin Shorts by ERAUQS that I’m wearing. The Vin Shorts come in several colors and prints and are compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Gianni male mesh bodies. Just do it, guys, sag them shorts just a little and show a bit of underwear!


  • Dutchie Special Edition Waterfront Cottage Loosdrecht
  • Dutchie mesh life buoys
  • Dutchie mesh garden set for 2 (also available for 4)

I’m wearing:

More Dutchie bundles below:

There’s also some Adult bundles on her Marketplace page if you have that option enabled!