Coastal Sunset

I think I’m going to stay on the coast for the duration of the summer. It’s really nice, not too hot, and take a look at this cute little float house I found today by Never Totally Dead! Decorated with hanging wall planters by HJM Designs and interior decor by Nutmeg (I’ll show you a picture of that later in a post by itself).
The Float House comes with a chair containing single sits (the chair is unlinked so you can move it around) and the house has a resizer menu on touch. I’m showing the original size, which has a Land Impact of 32.
HJM Designs have made 5 different versions of The Bucket Wall Planters, I’ve used the Mixed Flowers and the Hanging Plant. The planters also come with an animated butterfly or bee, you turn the animation on or off by touching them. You can also change the texture of the wood by touching that; light or dark versions.

On the coast – Home and Garden Design 2019

~ASW~ The Blakely Bungalow

You’re probably thinking by now, that I must have a thing for the ocean. Well you’re right, I do. I grew up on a small island in a town where nearly every house has a 180° panoramic ocean view. When Mahogany and I saw this bungalow by Adorably Strange Wares at the Home & Garden Expo I just knew I had to blog it so we plonked it down right on top of the shore on Mahogany’s home parcel. I framed the facade using the Three Green Spring Trees from Thus Magic, and if I’d had more climbing rose bushes I would’ve used them because they look absolutely amazing. The Mixed Flower Boat Planter by HJM Designs looks good on the deck and the Paper Boat Candles, also from ASW, on the water. They are going to create a wonderful atmosphere wherever you decide to use them, I promise.

The bungalow has a centre courtyard

The Blakely Bungalow is a 2 bedroom 1bath, with center open courtyard and slider barn style doors. It has a 25×25 footprint and Li is 232. Exclusive now at The Home & Garden Expo RLF Charity!

Thus Magic~Three Spring Trees on either side of the building
HJM Designs – Mixed Flower Boat Planter with animated butterflies

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The 12th annual Home & Garden Expo Second Life runs from 15th March to 7th April 2019 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). This year’s Expo spans 10 regions, and showcases home and garden creations from small decor items through furniture and landscaping to small and large houses.