Let’s Do Lunch

I came out of the closet as a sappy romantic when I first started blogging, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this simple thing… the scene of a couple meeting for lunch at a cozy street cafe, melts my heart and sends me daydreaming about our next RL date. Whenever that is, it’s going to be amazing.

CHEZ MOI is participating in this round of Shiny Shabby with the Scrolled Bistro Set. A vintage-inspired bistro set, super low Land Impact, for your home, garden, patios, or coffee shops. PG and Adult versions available filled with single and couples animations. Touch the coffee tray to grab a delicious hot coffee or a sandwich (with bento pose) – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach prop. No inventory clutter for you or your guests! Texture changer HUD with 11 beautiful metal textures included.

I’m wearing the Auden outfit by [ hoorenbeek ], a complete outfit specially designed for Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt, SLink and Legacy male mesh bodies and Classic Avatars. Everything you see me wearing but the choker and the ring is included in the outfit. Awesomesauce!

  • Scrolled Bistro Set * CHEZ MOI @ Shiny Shabby (until October 16)
    • Chair: 1 LI each
    • Table: 1 LI
    • Linked Version: 3 LI
    • Coffee Tray: 1 LI each
    • Orange Pansies: 2 LI
    • Texture Change HUD
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Auden
    • Dura-B100-HAIR
    • [MAGNIFICENT] STUBBLE MID – Grooming Series
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- R & L
I love you, M. Always.

Love and Time

Love and time, those are the only two things in all the world and all of life, that cannot be bought, but only spent.


But remember, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Stop and smell the ocean, if you’re near the ocean, feel the crisp Autumn air and the fading warmth of the sun. I’ve been walking along our beach and the rocks you see in the picture are the Beach Rocks group gift from DaD and they look great, you know, for rocks.

I’m wearing the Easton outfit by [ hoorenbeek ], a complete outfit specially designed for Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt, SLink and Legacy male mesh bodies and Classic Avatars. Everything you see me wearing but the knitted hat and the ring is included in the outfit. Awesomesauce!

  • DaD “Beach Rocks” GROUP GIFT 07/20
  • Pose: MDC Fence Male 2 (fence included)


As with most things in real life I’m looking for quality in SL. Not just for myself, I try to keep my blog about things I have no qualms recommending to others. I also love to support small creators when I see that they’re putting not just effort but heart into their creations. Delivering quality is also why it’s taking us so long to open our new region. In content there’s not much left to do but I’m not rushing and doing stuff half assed and then ending up delivering an inferior product. Quality takes time. This is why we’re still waiting for a new vehicle release from [amc]. We know that when it’s released it’s going to be amazing. While we wait we can play around with and admire the previous releases, like the Cinque Mark II! I had the pleasure driving it today and oh boy, it’s such a delight!

Together with fast cars belong expensive suits. Expensive looking anyway, we know Hoorenbeek delivers quality items but at an affordable price. I’m wearing the [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Edward, which is a complete outfit from the tortoise Wayfarer Glasses to the Yorkshire Shoes. Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt, SLink and Legacy male mesh bodies and Classic avatars.

On The Other Side Of Fear

Everything you’ve ever wanted
is on the other side of fear

Don’t want to sit there when it’s too late and regret the chances we did not take. Right?

I’ve gone through a lot of changes this last year; I quit my job and moved house to name just a couple. All the chances I’ve taken, all the changes I’ve made have all been good. On a personal level 2020 has been a good year and 2021 is going to be amazing, I just know it.

I walked out of the office and started my new life while wearing the Beckett outfit by [ hoorenbeek ]. A Complete outfit, for a smart casual look, includes the coat, shirt and vest, dress pants and shoes and sunglasses which are not shown in this picture. The Beckett outfit is part of a new outfit line that’s compatible with the Legacy male body. As always, the outfits from [ hoorenbeek ] are also compatible with the Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt, SLink mesh male bodies and Classic avatars.

  • *alirium* nanohana

Live, Love & Enjoy Life

I’m enjoying life in our little Provence village and I figure casual style-wise you can never go wrong with denim. At the Hoorenbeek mainstore you can now find the Ryan outfit. The outfit consists of denim jacket and pants, belt, henley shirt for jacket, boots, necklace and sunglasses. The outfit is compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt and SLink male mesh bodies and Classic avatars.

I Know I’m Alive

I love being alive and I hope that love will see me through in all the things I do. I like the spice in me I like the spice in you. I’ve seen it twice in me I’ve seen it twice in you!

Bel Canto – Freelunch in the Jungle

You can find the Suede Bomber Jacket in the Hoorenbeek mainstore. Fatpack gives you 8 different suede colors for the jacket and 12 different colors for the t-shirt, there’s also a color picker in the t-shirt HUD for further customization. There are two different versions of the jacket; one for t-shirts and one for shirts which is meant to work with any Hoorenbeek shirts you might have. Nice!

  • [ h ] Bomber Suede Jacket

Suit Up.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain

I’m feeling casual today so I took off the tie.

Wearing the Three Piece Pinstripes and Plaids Suit from [ hoorenbeek ] together with the Double Monk Shoes, also [ hoorenbeek] and I’m ready to face a new week and be awesome! Choose from a multitude of pinstripes and plaids textures for the suit pieces. Choose to wear a tie or not, buttoned up or open shirt with several texture options for the shirt too. The Monks fullpack HUD gives you 6 different leather colors for the shoe, socks and buckles HUD with 20 sock colors, no sock option and silver or gold buckle.


Let’s go back to school with KOPFKINO and the amazing School Days gacha set for the July Birthday round of Epiphany. I really mean it when I say it’s amazing, because not only do you get everything you need to create a classroom, the items are made with such good care and attention to detail and you got to love the animations found in both the teacher and student chairs! The rare price is a classroom skybox, which comes partially furnished with roller blinds, heating, blackboard, lamps and fire extinguisher! You can equip your avatar too, with either a teacher’s bag or a student’s bag, both come with holding animations.

I’m wearing the Josh outfit by [ hoorenbeek ]. This is a complete outfit, with slim fit jeans, sweater with shirt (for coat), duffle coat, suede Chelsea boots and tortoise Wayfarer sunglasses (boots and sunglasses not shown in this picture). The Josh outfit is compatible with Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Geralt, SLink male mesh bodies and Classic avatars.

  • KOPFKINO – School Days Gacha @ The Epiphany
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Classroom Skybox RARE
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Book Shelf
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Chair
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Clutter
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Table with chair on top
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Genius Frames
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Chair
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Sink
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Butterfly Poster
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Periodic Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Wall Map
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Cute
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Leather
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Jeans
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Bag Camouflage EXCLUSIVE (Wear)
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Clutter VIP

Give You The World If It Was Mine

Feels like you’re mine
Feels right, so fine
I’m yours, you’re mine
Like paradise

I’d give you the world if it was mine
Feels fine

Sade – Paradise

Paradise can be a lot of things. A peaceful tropical island, for sure, but also just being wherever with the one you love. When it feels fine, like paradise, you know you’re in the right place. So fine. What a life.

Nero is participating in the Summer Camp event with the Summer Shorts! 10 different textures to choose from in the fatpack HUD and optional earplugs and condom packs too! The Summer Shorts are compatible with Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni male bodies.

  • Pose by WRONG

Summer is for Preppies

When I don’t know what to wear, I usually default to a preppy look. Unpretentiously preppy, that is and here’s a preppy summer outfit for you from Hoorenbeek; the Myles outfit is a classic men’s outfit with the blue shirt and off-white chino shorts, accompanied with the leather tab navy belt, the light brown Norfolk deck shoes, leather- and beaded bracelets and the tortoise Wayfarer sunglasses (not shown) – Look casual and formal but casual, yeh!

  • [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Myles
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Silver- L & R