Modern Serenity

The beautiful Beaked Hazelnut Tree by The Little Branch is their new release for MAN CAVE. This short, deciduous shrub is commonly found in the forest understory or along forest edges.

The Riverstone House by DaD is one of their previous releases worth mentioning. Beautifully crafted in stone and wood. One large deck along two sides and one smaller but still decent size deck in the entrance area which leads to one bedroom, a bathroom and an open plan living and kitchen area. With carefully designed stone, brick and wood accents this home is a contemporary beauty. Footprint 36,3×27 and 97 LI.

  • LB_BeakedHazelnutTree{Animated}4Seasons @ MAN CAVE (through April 11)
  • LB_Grass.V4.1{Mesh}
  • DaD “Riverstone House”

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