Slow Down

Wisely and slow.
They stumble
that run fast.


The Paradise Resort by DaD is now available at the DaD mainstore. The Paradise Resort is a Polynesian inspired resort home. It has 5 rooms with beautiful tiled floors and sliding bamboo doors that separate each room. Other details include two large windows that open up and out to let the fresh air indoors, double doors with a floral design and straw roof. Slow down and watch the breathtaking sunrise or sunset views from your deck. The Paradise Resort by DaD comes in versions with and without deck (house only).

CHEZ MOI is at Shiny Shabby with the lovely Moonrise Set, which consists of a cozy hanging chair for both outdoor and indoor use and the Moonrise Plant Set; 3 plants in fun duo tone planters.

Also from CHEZ MOI and at this round of Cosmopolitan is the Sairah Rattan Set. Rattan armchair and table and a potted Pilea plant. This set is perfect for any outdoor space.

  • DaD “Paradise Resort”
  • DaD “Les Memoires Tropical Vibes Set”
    • DaD “Les Memoires Covered Sofa”
    • DaD “Kentia Palm in stone pot Tall”
  • CHEZ MOI Moonrise Set @ Shiny Shabby (through September 16)
    • CHEZ MOI Moonrise Hanging Chair (PG/Adult)
    • CHEZ MOI Moonrise Plant 1-3
  • CHEZ MOI Sairah Rattan Set @ Cosmopolitan (through September 4)
    • CHEZ MOI Sairah Rattan Chair (PG/Adult)
    • CHEZ MOI Sairah Rattan Table
    • CHEZ MOI Pilea Plant Vase
  • LB_RoyalPalmTree.v3{Animated}
  • LB_MacawPalmTree.v2{Animated}*Mesh

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