Midnight Cravings

Monthly Midnight Madness, a monthly weekend mainstore event, is coming up this weekend and Galland Homes is offering you the amazing Amish Butcher’s Block kitchen island which has a rustic feel to it. Its timeless design will fit almost any kitchen. It’s mesh and only 5 Li. Available colours for the MMM event is white and green. Once the event is over these colours will no longer be available! The event starts Saturday at, you guessed it, midnight! The white version will be available to MMM members for free until Noon. The green then until Sunday at midnight. You get a “second chance” throughout Sunday to purchase either for 25L and then they go away.

  • Galland Homes‘ Butcher’s Block W MM 9.19 @ Mainstore this Saturday and Sunday ONLY!
  • [Con.] Catia Kitchen
  • dust bunny . at home baking fatpack
  • Nutmeg. Cloth Plaid
  • Nutmeg. Bowls
  • Nutmeg. Stack Of Plates
  • Nutmeg. Dinnerware (cutlery on top)
  • Nutmeg. Seashore Bowl Stack
  • Apple Fall West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes
  • Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted
  • {what next} ‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Mixer
  • {what next} Colonna Coffee Machine
  • {what next} Baking Day Kitchen Scales

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